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Well the weather's finally getting better, at least it's warming up. It keeps crossing my mind that this the last winter I won't have to spend time bundling up a baby lol. I haven't done that since my sister was little.

I'd also like to say thanks to the people who congratulated me. It's weird, I wasn't as excited before, sure I was happy, but as the weeks tick by, I get more and more excited.


Waiting sucks. I'm 16 weeks along no kicks yet obviously, but I am getting really really sick of waiting for them. And, I also can't wait to find out the sex of the baby. Yes, yes we are going to find out. I know a lot of people don't like to know until their babies born, but I've decided and so does Eric that we want to know. Especially because I'm blind and if it's a Boy i'll need practice, because I've never ever change the boys diaper or dressed a boy or anything. I've only had practice on baby girls. So, waiting for kicks waiting to find out the sex of the baby all that fun stuff is getting rather annoying. But, I suppose I shouldn't be bitching because by the time the babies born I'm going to be whining but I'm tired and that the babies growing up really fast and I will not know where the time went or where the kid went etc. Silly me. :)


So here I am again, decided to night the bullet and redownload the LJ app, despite it's shittiness. Had to give back the laptop back to the university so that's why I disappeared.

Finally got rid of our room mate at the beginning of December. Things are much quieter and much less stressful now. Also have exciting news... Eric and I are going to have a baby! I'm 16 weeks, due June 24th. :)


Notice has been given to our landlord that we're leaving at the end of October. The application for the new place is filled out, and all we're waiting for is Labour Day weekend to be over so I can drop it off. Then we'll have to save like crazy for first and last month's rent, but it'll be worth it.

Some People Are So Stupid, You Should Be Enraged But You Can Only Laugh

Eric and I went down to the rental office to give our two month's notice, and we open the front doors to our apartment building to see fire trucks police cars and an ambulance out front. Eric looked over to the side as we walked down the stairs, and saw that the door to the parking garage was smashed and there was a car pinned against the wall. Ironically, and also slightly frighteningly, we think it's the same car that parks beside us and constantly makes it difficult for Eric to park because they're always parked on a huge angle.
We go in to give our notice, and one of the girls that works there was watching the security footage for the garage, and she said the lady driving the car just plowed right through the door without waiting for the it to open. They've been living here for a while, so it's not like they didn't no that you have to wait a second or two for the door to open, but even then common sense would dictate that you would need to wait a moment before driving through an automatic door. I mean, what the hell was so importnat that they needed to drive through a solid door instead of waiting two seconds? Now, the car is fucked, they're fucked, they're probably going to lose their home, be fined for willful distruction of property, all because they couldn't wait two seconds.
No one can leave the garage right now because of this situation. People can't get to work, we can't go grocery shopping. Inconsiderate, impatient bastards!

It Would be Awesome If...

There was some way I could fly so high up that I could fly in the clouds of the thunderstorm that happening outside right now. I would chase the lightning and then fly away the minute it looked like I'd be hit. I'd chase the birds, even the biggest ones wouldn't be able to catch me. I'd shout as loudly as I could and not a soul would hear nm, but I wouldn't care. I wouldn't be shouting for anyone to hear me, but to express my joy. I wouldn't hear myself as my voice would be lost in the roaring thunder.

So Fucking Happy!!!!

Since I thought I was going to see my friend Andrea today, I told Eric to pick me up from her place on his way home from work. But then she had to go take care of the car situation, and the visit was called off. There's no way to get a hold of him because he can't take calls at work. So he ended up going to Andrea's after work, and it turned out to be a really good thing.
The person living in the townhouse right next to Andrea's is moving out in October. WE've been talking about the fact that now that Eric will be on night shift, and I'm getting heavy into school, that we would be better off renting a townhouse. Ideally, I wanted a three bedroom, because I have a feeling that my little sister will probably need to come over and stay for a few days here and there pretty soon, since she's starting puberty and she and mom are identicle, right down to the temper. Mom and I fought really badly, and she and I aren't very much alike. Also, Lexi's father is a giant douche bag, so I'd like her to at least be able to come over and have a good male role model like Eric in her life. It would also be good if my friend from Kingston, or any guest really. And the rent is actually very reasonable, especially with Eric's new job.
And no more worrying about if we have enough money for laundry! A backyard! A finished basement! And I can finally apply for my guide dog! I will finally have enough room to have one, and I'll have a backyard to exercise him on days where I don't need to go out!

Visit to Friend Reschedualed

Couldn't go see my friend today because her and her mom have to deal with their new/used car. They're getting nothing but the run around from the people who sold it to them, but luckily Canada has a "Lemon Law" which says that if a car is sold by a mechanic or dealership and it was missrepresented as a good car that the sale can be reversed. They're taking the car to an independent mechanic they've dealt with before to see exactly what's wrong with the car. I told them to have the mechanic write everything that he found down for them, just in case this has to go to court. Letters from independent mechanics in cases like this are what sometimes make or break a law suit. Damn, I should've been a lawyer lol.

Sometimes, I'm Disgusted by Government Programs

Just heard a news report talking about the amount of "deadbeat" parents in my province and how much the total owed child/spousal support is...two fucking billion dollars! How many parents has our Province's "Family Responsibility Office" been able to collect from in the past seven years? Sixty-two. Yes, you read that right, sixty-two parents in the last seven years.
Why does this piss me off so much? Simply because my mother is dealing with one of those deadbeats right now in the form of my sister's dad. After five years of fighting with him to pay not only ongoing child support, but to pay back what he owes, only two months ago did a FRO Court judge place a permanent order on him that if he didn't keep up with current and back payments, he would spend six months in jail. His reason for not paying child support? He says he doesn't make enough money, yet between him and his wife they bring in roughly $130,000 per year. It makes me sick.

Trying to Decide What to Do

Because I was so damn tired yesterday, I fell asleep at midnight last night and didn't get up until three this afternoon. As a result, my sleeping patern is all kinds of fucked up, and I'm trying to decide whether or not to pull an all nighter and just go to bed early tomorrow night or to go to bed and risk sleeping in really late again. I'm feeling really tired, but I've only been awake for nine hours, and if I go to bed now that'll just continue that messed up sleeping patern.
Grrr on indecisiveness!
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