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Don't you know I'm loco?

You find me offensive? I find you offensive for finding me offensive!

The CemeteryLady
27 July 1989


My name is

The Cemetery Lady

Craziness Ensues When The Cemetery Lady Sees Who She Is

active, activist, admirer, adult, ally, animal lover, ask me, assertive, big sister, bisexual, bitch, brunette, caring, cat, cat lover, chick, complex, confidant, counselor, creative, creature, cuddly, curious, Democrat, daughter, demon, different, dog lover, dreamer, dude, eccentric, extrovert, fangirl, feline, female, fighter, freak, friend, friendly, full of hate, full of love, gay-friendly, geek, indecisive, individual, intelligent, juggalette, liberal, lost, lover, loving, me, miss, multifacetted, myself, nerd, none of your business, odd, open, passionate, philosopher, pothead, pro-choice, pro-gay, quick tempered, quirky, random, right-brained, romantic, Socialist, self-defined, sensitive, spiritual, strange, student, survivor, trustworthy, understanding, unique, weird, wife, wolf

Who Am I? Quick, Tell Me Now!

There's not too much to tell really, just that I like talking to people and I'm a friendly person so feel free to leave me a message if you want. You'll learn about me mostly from reading my journals or talking to me though. But here's a few key facts.

I live with my awesome husband Eric, our room mate, and our cats Ninja and Geordie. Geordie is my cat, and yes, he is named after Geordie from Star Trek TNG. He's my favourite TNG character besides Data. I mean, a blind engineer of the flag ship of the Federation? How fucking cool is that! I'm blind, and have been since I was six months old, so I'm used to it. No offense to anyone reading this, but please don't leave me a comment saying how impressed you are that I use a computer or go to school or anything like that. If you have any questions about how I use a computer, or about being blind in general though, please ask me. My goal is to advocate about blindness and visual impairment, and to show people that we are just as capable as you to live a fulfilling life, we have to do things a little differently.

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User Number: 24769308
Date Created: 2010/01/21
Number of Posts: 180

I'm a friendly person, although I do sometimes make snap judgments on people (however that happens very rarely). I'm a gamer, a writer, and a musician with a tendency to act before thinking. I sport two achrylic prosthetic eyes (tink tink lol).
Strengths: loyalty, independence, empathic, sympathetic, a good friend, resourceful, intelegence
Weaknesses: depression, anxiety, panic, acting before thinking, my temper
Special Skills: Awesome hearing, learning languages, helping people
Weapons: A quick temper, a sharp tongue, tenacity, my teeth, fists and feet, sharp wit, sarcasm
Disclaimer: Warning: Having read the above, you have been forewarned if you do/say anything to piss me off. Otherwise, you're in the clear and I look forward to meeting/talking with you!

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